Christmas Tree Gift Tags

As the holidays are upon us, I thought I'd share this little gift tag project I came up with! These lovely little hand-painted tags are the perfect way to add an extra personal touch to any gift. I'm using them as the cards for some candy-cane hot chocolate packages that I am making for the kids I tutor (I'm nearly positive they never check the website so it will still be a surprise)! 

This is a simple project that both adults and kids can complete. Either way, I hope you enjoy the process and that your gift recipients appreciate the hand-made touch! 

Step One: 

Using the painters tape, tape the edges of your paper to your work surface. This keeps it from moving and bowing when you start painting. (Tip: more often than not regular masking will rip your painting. It's worth using the good stuff!)

Step Three: 

While the paint is still wet, arrange the plastic wrap over the paper. The wrinkles in the plastic wrap are what gives the paint the stained glass look when finished, so make sure their are lots of wrinkles! Leave this to dry (about 30 minutes), then gently peel off plastic wrap and tape, and repeat the first three steps with the other side of the paper.

  • Water colour paints

  • Water colour paper (bigger paper for more tags)

  • Water

  • Wide, soft bristled paint brush (I used a 1 inch brush) 

  • Painters tape

  • Plastic wrap

  • Scissors (not pictured, oops!)

  • Metallic marker (also not pictured, it's like this is my first tutorial ever...)

Step Two: 

Paint the entire surface of your paper with a mixture of greens. Add yellow and blue and blend right on the page for a wider range of colours. It is very important to use lots of water and keep the paint wet until step three.

Step Four: 

Once dry, remove your paper from the work surface and cut as many Christmas tree-shaped triangles out of your paper as possible. Variety is okay and will let you be more creative with the next step.

Step Five: 

Time to trim the Christmas tree! Use your metallic marker to outline the edges of triangle and draw lines for branches on your tree.  Punch a hole in the top and use twine or ribbon to tie each pretty little tag to a gift. 


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